Best Android Launcher for Smartphones | customise your phone in 2021

Customization of Android smartphones is now becoming one of the basic features that almost all users want. Android launcher is one of the vital and major components that we all the users want to get in our smartphones. If you are the man like me to get bored by using and feeling the same launching and limited customization setting on your smartphones then you don’t need to worry about it. This is because we have a lot of the best android launcher for smartphones these days.

So if you are in search of the customization of your smartphones then definitely you have an option for installing the third-party launcher that makes you give proper customization over it. There is no more to say that the Android launchers have a decent diversity in the launching experience of your smartphones.

In the Google Play store, we can find the different types of Android launchers based on the different UI. If you are feeling bored with your system launcher provided by the Smartphone company then you can go for it.

As per your need, you can find the free android launcher to download and install. If you want an iPhone experience launcher then you can get it, Pixel experience launcher, Windows experience launcher, and many more as per your need.

5 Best Android Launcher for Smartphones

Nowadays the trend of using the third-party launcher is on-trend. The main reason to use the third-party launcher is for proper customization of the device. Yes, here we have listed out the top 5 android launcher in 2021 that you need to try once.

Poco Launcher
Price: Free

Poco Launcher is one of the most popular launchers provided by Xiaomi Inc. it is one of the most downloaded launchers in the Google Play store. Already the 10M users all over the world are using this Stock Android Based clean launcher based on Pixel Launcher.

Mainly this launcher is made by Xiaomi Poco Phone. But don’t worry all of the Android users are able to install and get the full experience of Stock Android in your smartphones. It is one of the such basic but fully optimized android launcher that comes with the Full Stock Android layout.

Using this launcher you can customize the stuff like the grids on the home screen, app drawer, change the app launching, and many more. So, if you are in search of a clean, fast, fully optimized, and stock android based launcher that you need to try Poco Launcher at once.

AIO Launcher
Price: Free/$1.99

Need a completely different type of customization? Here the AIO Launcher is the perfect android launcher that meets your need. This launcher is fully capable in giving you decent features in terms of customization. It has the standard home screen that helps in controlling all over your SMS and Missed calls task easily.

On the home screen, you can easily see all the basic running tasks and notifications easily. Here it shows the items and widgets of latest SMS, Missed Call list, media playing option, RAM status, Battery, and Storage too.

If you want to get an ad-free experience and also unlocked the PRO features then you have to pay $1.99. after paying this amount you are able to get complete features of this launcher. After that, you can get an integration for Telegram and many more.

Smart Launcher 5
Price: Free/$7

The fully customized android launcher for your smartphones is Smart Launcher 5. It is one of the most downloaded launchers as like Poco Launcher on the Google Play Store. Smart Launcher 5 comes with simple but attractive grids and a sorted app folder. It’s a flower grid launcher but looks really cool.

The launcher comes with a number of layouts and design to keep your favorite apps and games easily for finding. Here you can get the Smart search and smart sorted list for making it easy in finding the apps you need on a time.

With the option for customization, you can choose the colors of the app icons as per you need. It’s the complete customization launcher the features fully resizable widgets, customization of the icon packs, and many more.

You can also get some amazing features like the Pop-up widgets, gesture expanding and ad-free experience in its pro version.

Niagara Launcher
Price: Free

One of the lightweight but impressive android launchers that you can try once is Niagara Launcher. It is one of the lean android launchers that is designed to make it easy for placing your all notifications in front and center of your lock screen.

In this launcher, all of the notifications will be displayed on the right side of your home screen. One of the great things is that this launcher automatically filters the notifications and block if it’s spam. Here you can select your favorite at least 8 apps for quick opening.

Although it’s simple you can get a decent and super fast experience while using this launcher. But in this launcher, you miss customization on the widgets, app icons, etc.

Microsoft Launcher (Arrow Launcher)

The 10Million + Downloaded Windows OS style launcher for Android smartphones is not other than the Microsoft Launcher. Microsoft Launcher is one of the most powerful and customizable launchers made for android users. If you are a fan of windows OS then you can feel some windows experience in this Android launcher.

This launcher is also known as an Arrow Launcher. With this launcher, you can get a fully optimized experience. The users can quickly snap the photos with the phone camera from the home screen camera icon. On this launcher, you are able to get the same features of windows products without any apps and paying for them.

The major point is that as like the smart shortcuts on the Xiaomi and other smartphones that can open by swiping the left from the home screen you can also get this shortcuts panel here. Overall your phone looks awesome after installing this launcher. It is one of the Best Android Launcher for Smartphones on our list.


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