WiFi Vs Cellular Data, Which is Better?

Coming to the internet usage topic then we have the two main sources or methods to get internet access in our life. One Mobile or cellular data and another Wi-Fi / Broadband connection. So, here we are with you to make a proper comparison on Wi-Fi vs Cellular Data.

In today’s date, there are two major sources to use the internet on our devices. We have the two main options or sources of internet, we have Wi-Fi and Cellular Service to get internet access in our devices.

Although the history of Wi-Fi is not old as compared to the mobile data but the usage of Wi-Fi as the source of internet is really massive. Talking about the cellular network then Mobile Data is cellular data is one of the SIM-based internet services that is portable and easy to set up as the primary source of internet in smartphones.

That’s why come here to find out the many questions related to the difference between wifi and data, is mobile data faster than wifi, and many more.

WiFi Vs Cellular Data

The use of both the medium of internet service in today’s date is equal. We can find the use of both the service in excessive ways. If we talk about the city areas of the country then the use of this service is really massive. The number of Wi-Fi subscribers are increasing day to day as compared to the mobile data service in today's time.

We can find out some points that clearly show the difference between mobile data and wifi and makes the comparison on mobile data vs cellular data.

Difference Between Wifi and Data

If we compare both services manually then we can find out some points that clearly show the difference between wifi and data. Besides this the topic may also arise some questions like is data faster than wifi, is data safer than wifi, is wifi faster than cellular data, and is wifi better than mobile data.


Mobile Data



Cellular Data Speed is comparatively less as compared to the Wifi Network.

The speed of Wi-Fi network is really faster and better as compared to the Data.


The data or volume of internet service load is limited in many Cellular Company.

Almost all the Wi-Fi service provider provides the unlimited bandwidth in every plans.


Direct SIM Slot

Through Third-Party External Setup Box called Router. It is Router Based.


The network in Cellular is availiable from the Cell Tower.

The Wi-Fi service is Wire based service. It is wire to home to device service.


Cellular data is based on the SIM so it is really portable and accessable in the whole country.

The network range of Wi-Fi is limited. So, we can’t take the Wi-Fi setup while out of home.


It is easy to setup the Cellular Service. You can just need to have the SIM Card to access the Cellular Internet.

It is costly to setup the Wi-Fi service. This is because it takes charges on the wires, router and electrical consuming.

Cost Effective

Mobile Data is costly. The data plans on the cellular networks is far more expensive than Wi-Fi service.

The data plans is really cheaper in Wi-Fi. We can get the unlimited data access in the Wi-Fi by paying the limited amount.

The above table shows the comparison and difference made on wifi vs cellular data. Using the following table you can find out the major difference and points that differentiate on them.

Wifi vs Cellular Data: Q & A

We can find out the many questions related to the comparison on Wifi vs Cellular data. So, let’s find out the answer to the top question related to the difference between mobile data and wifi. Its data faster than wifi.

Is Data Safer Than Wifi?

In terms of security, I think Mobile Data is more secure than Wi-Fi. This is because the mobile data is only usable by the single SIM through which the data is subscribed. There is no outgoing data to any third-party or other users like Wi-Fi.

I mean that the Wi-Fi network is a directly sharable network and can be used by the single wifi network by many users but in terms of data it can’t be possible. So, I think the security of the data is more in Cellular Service than Wifi.

Is mobile data faster than wifi / Is Wi-Fi faster than cellular data?

The actual speed may differ from the plans to plans and the network strength. Well, in the actual record we can find that the Wi-Fi speed is really ahead than Cellular speed. We can find the downloading and uploading speed of the Wi-Fi in-universe faster than Cellular data.

Although the Data or telecom service provider provides the data we may not get full access to them. But in terms of Wi-Fi, we can get the real speed in the limited area.

The area and strength and coverage of the Wi-Fi network is limited to a certain area so we can get a faster speed in Wi-Fi.

Is wifi better than mobile data?

The actual answer to this question is depended upon the various factors. Well, if you are in search of the fastest internet service then Wi-Fi is for you. Also if you are in search of unlimited data for downloading and uploading unlimited files then again Wi-Fi is the option.

Coming to the data, if you are a traveler or use to (have time to use) the internet in the outdoor area then Mobile Data is the right for you. This is because in WiFi Vs Cellular Data, cellular data has Mobile (Movable/ Portable) features.

Here are some points that determine what best for you.


For Unlimited Bandwidth.

For Faster Speed.

For Indoor and House Purpose.

For Cheaper Internet in Maximum Bandwidth.

For Multiple Users.

Cellular Data

For Portability

For Non-Electrical Area

For Lite Bandwidth Users

For Single Users

Final Words

Here we have discussed the topic of Wifi Vs Cellular Data. Through this topic, we have spread the proper knowledge on the difference between wifi and data. Besides this, you can get an answer to the different questions related to Wi-Fi and Data from this article.

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