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If you are using the internet from AT&T then you must need to have the all router settings of that network. Among the various Wi-Fi service provider in the world, AT&T is one of the biggest and top American-based telecommunication companies that comes with a large-scale supply all over the world. So, here we are with AT&T Router Tutorial. After this tutorial, you can get all the settings and learn how to handle your wifi router in your hand.

Basically here we are for dealing with the AT&T wifi router settings. That’s why we are here to mention the complete tutorial on how to find the at&t router login IP, at&t router setup, change the password, and many more.

 A Complete Tutorial on AT&T Router

Making proper control over your AT&T Wi-Fi Router will be possible for you after getting this simple and easy tutorial. As we have already mentioned that it is one of the biggest internet service provider and telecommunication company originated from the USA. Okay, come to the topic and try to learn all AT&T router settings.

AT&T Router Setup

If you have ordered and got the new AT&T Router and thinking to set up that router then here we are with the quick steps.

1st Step – connect your new router to the power source and also don’t forget to connect an Ethernet adapter on PC. Better to connect LAN ports on the router.

2nd Step – Now connect an Ethernet port to the wifi modem and make sure the green light glows. This will verify the connection is right or not.

3rd Step – You have to configure an internet setting from any browser available on your PC. Make sure you have blocked any security programs like anti-virus or other such defender programs. Find an “Internet Setting/ Option”. That can be accessed from the“Control Panel”. From here you have to reset and restore all the default Internet options.

·         From that set a dial-up option to “Never Dial a Connection”.

·         After that click the “LAN Settings” to make all the settings unchecked. Now restore all the settings by clicking on the restore button.

·         Now open your browser and go to type the at&t router login IP. You can also go for this URL for getting the connection.

·         Log in here by entering the default username and password. Now you have to apply the instructions based on your router model.

·         Finally Done.

We have tried to guide you on how to do AT&T Router Setup. All the process here we have mentioned is just for guiding you. We don’t sure on this step may works or not at every stage.

How to Get log in to AT&T Router (AT&T Router Login)

To get all the settings and control over any Wi-Fi, we just need to get logged in on that router page. In terms of us, we are with the AT&T Router. For this let’s see these steps to get login into your Gateway of AT&T.

·         Connect your device to AT&T Wi-Fi. For that, you can simply connect that wifi by entering the password set by you.

·         After that you have to open any browser. Either Chrome, Safari, Firefox, UC, Opera, or any. It’s recommended you go for the PC and Computer for making this process easy.

·         In the search bar of any browser type or copy this “” or “”, it’s a gateway address (at&t router login IP). Copy these or type this in your browser search bar and hit enter. This will automatically take you to the AT&T Router login page.

·         After that you have to enter the default username and password as per your model or router. for easy we can find the default username and password for your company router. Enter the default username and password. You can also find the default username and password from the physical router.

·         Tap / click on login. You will get access to the client area. Now from this panel you can edit, customize, set any changes, change password, username, and anything easily.

These are the simple steps for getting access to the AT&T Router Page. AT&T Router setting is the key to any changes here.

AT&T Router Settings (Change Username and Password)

After getting how to access the AT&T Router Login let’s come here to find how to change wifi password in the at&t router. it’s one of the important steps to be understood by every at&t users to change the password when it’s necessary. Also, we recommend you to keep on changing the password from time to time that makes a sense of updates on you too. Here’s how,

App Method

·         Download the Smart Home Manager in your smartphones or visit the website of the company site,

·         Login with your details saved by you, tap on the MY Wi-Fi option from the dashboard.

·         Click on edit where you can get the Wi-Fi Name and Password after completing the 2nd step.

·         If you want to change the Wi-Fi SSID Name then edit on the Name. if you will change the password then edit the Password.

·         After editing or typing the new username and password (as you wish which you want to change) tap/ click on Save. Finally done.

·         This process will disconnect the internet connection and need to reconnect.

Web Method, Using the at&t router login IP

·         Get log in to your Gateway by reading the “AT&T Router Login” step.

·         Find the Home Network>Wireless.

·         After that tap/ click on the ‘Security’ setting/option from wireless.

·         Go to the WPA-Customer from the drop menu shown after the “Security”.

·         Type your new password from the Key section shown on your screen and Tap/ click on Save.

·         Finally Done.

Although there are different models found on this company router as like another router too. Because of the different models, the process may quite different. But at all here we have shown the master process for changing the wifi password of the at&t router.

Final Words

Making proper customization over your AT&T Router Wifi is now easy for you. We hope all the topic mentioned here works fine and makes you easy in setup your wifi, change password and login process easy.


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