How you can use Telegram Without Sharing Your Contact


One of the most downloaded and recommended social apps by the Google play store is Telegram. Telegram is one of the free and ad-less social platforms that comes with decent social messaging features. It’s not only a messenger app like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, IMO, like more apps is there. but also a platform for files, movies, and downloads. Due to its ad-free features, the number of Telegram users all over the world is more than the 500Millions.

Wider Social Platform Than WhatsApp, IMO, and Viber

Telegram is one of the phone number based Messenger platform as like IMO, Viber, and WhatsApp. Due to its phone number based authentication system using this platform is safe and secure. Not only that this platform is, even more, better than WhatsApp, Viber, and IMO because it’s not a messenger but a platform for free and pirated files, movies, and services. Here I don’t mean to say negative about Telegram but I express that what I used to get there.

Yes, you can find plenty of Telegram channels like Channel on youTube where you can find the different files, movies to download for free. Beside this, another main reason to use telegram is that it allows the users and channel owner to upload the pirated materials too. Telegram is the wider hub of the social platforms.

How Telegram Works for Finding Details and Contacts

This platform features a syncing your phone book to find out the friends who are using that is saved in your phone book. If any of the saved contacts on your phone joined the Telegram then it suddenly notify you about that. Here you need to know that the Telegram operates due to the access over the phone book given by us while using this app.

If privacy is the first priority to you then you can keep your details private either by stopping the Contact Sync features or by following our given steps. For easy identity, you can add the custom username (mentioned below), and also you can create a separate contact on the app.

How to Use Telegram Without Sharing Your Contact

You may know that all the number-based verification platforms are really different than another social platform like Facebook, Insta, Twitter, etc. Due to these features, you can have an option for maintaining the proper security on your account easily.

Here I want to mention that you can easily use your Telegram app on your mobile phones or PC without sharing your contact numbers. In the telegram, you have an option for sharing your registered mobile number or not.

Telegram will find the search result in the two main bases, either by number or by username. If you have enabled the option for not sharing the contacts then anyone can find you only by your created username.

As an example, my registered number is 98568xxxxx so if I wish to keep my number secret from the other telegram users then I can enable this option easily. In another hand, by default, Telegram will create the username for your ID. So, after enabling you to stop sharing contacts no one can see your phone number although you are on chat.

So, here I mentioned you can easily use the Telegram app without sharing your registered mobile number. Keep in mind that, Telegram allows you to add users, and any people with their username.

But here we are talking to keep our registered mobile number private from other telegram users. For that, you have to follow out some steps. After following these simple steps you are able to hide your contact details from the users and friends over Telegram. This will help you to be safe from hackers and spammers.

Stop Contact Sharing on Android Phones

If you are an Android user then you need to follow out these simple steps that will help you to keep your details private. The users like you and me can stop contact syncing in telegram to hide our contact details private towards other users. You can do this by this steps,

1.       Go to the Settings of the app. For that, you have to tap on the three vertical bars (option bar).

2.       Tap on the “Settings” option from the three dots.

3.       Tap on “Privacy and Security” from the Settings option that.

4.       Stop the syncing process by tapping on the Toggle. Here you can find an enabled option ‘Sync Contacts’ so you have to disable it by swiping left on that enabled toggle/alternative.

5.       After that tap on “Delete Synced Contacts”. This process will help in clearing / deleting all the synced contacts, that we need to clean.

6.       Tap on “DELETE” from the Pop-Up menu shown after tapping on the “Delete Sync Contacts”.

7.       Finally Done.

Here we have mentioned the steps to stop contact sharing on android phones. If you are an iPhone user then you may have to follow the same steps but due to different UI and OS, you have to take proper steps in it.

Stop Sharing Contact on iPhone

For iPhone users, there are some different steps to be followed due to its different UI and OS. So, here you go,

1.       Open Telegram App on your iPhone and find the “Settings” of that app.

2.       From the Telegram App Settings you need to find the “Privacy and Security” option.

3.       After going on “Privacy and Security” you need to tap on the “Data Settings”.

4.       Tap and toggle the “Sync Contacts” option to stop the syncing process.

5.       Now, Tap on “Delete Synced Contacts” which is located above the Sync Contacts option.

6.       Tap on the “Delete” option shown on the Pop-up message.

7.       Finally Done.

These are the simple steps to use telegram without sharing your contact details. With these steps other users are no more able to see your phone number although they are connected and added to your telegram list. So, hope the article will help to meet your requirements for maintaining proper security. 


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